FCC Counsellor

Upon competition of the investigations, a Family Enrichment Worker can connect you and your child to counselling with an experienced therapist from the Family Counselling Centre (FCC) Niagara.

FCC provides free, no-wait, confidential, child-focused counselling to children and youth. The FCC counsellor is available to meet children at the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre upon request.

Child abuse hurts the entire family. Counselling is also available to supportive caregivers and family members as well. 

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Pathways to Healing Workshop

A four week group available to caregivers of children who have experienced sexual abuse.

The group is run with a small number of caregivers, in a safe and supportive environment by an experienced family therapist from FCC.

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Caregivers learn:

  • To understand child sexual abuse and how it affects children and families
  • Strategies to re-establish safety and security
  • Build skills to help themselves, their child and their family overcome the trauma of sexual abuse
  • Find support from others dealing with similar struggles

Transportation and child minding is available on request


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