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to help, heal, & end child abuse.


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As part of a growing national network, the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara is a charitable, community supported organization dedicated to helping children and youth reach their full potential.

Who We Are

The Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara (KFCACN) provides a safe place to help, heal, end child abuse for Niagara’s children and youth who have experienced alleged physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, become the targets of internet luring, or were the unwilling witness of violence.

That’s why the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre exists: to bring kids and families together in a safe and secure environment when they can find support, comfort, and the opportunity to heal from traumatic childhood events.

Our Story

What We Do

Child Advocacy Centres (CACs) are child-focused centres that provide a trauma-informed, coordinated approach to investigation, intervention, treatment & prosecution in child abuse cases.

CACs minimize the impact of child abuse on the victim & the family by:

  1. Reducing the number of times the child/youth victim has to repeat their experience of abuse
  2. Providing a faster & more streamlined investigation process
  3. Increasing timely access to support & therapeutic resources for child/youth victims & their families
  4. Providing long-term support & follow-up for the child/youth and their family
  5. CACs provide a leading practice in joint investigation intended o serve the developmental & emotional needs of young victims through the dovetailing of investigation & criminal justice while providing follow-up mental health needs.


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