Planned Giving

Your gift ensures that children in Niagara will always have the Centre available to them. 

Throughout your lifetime you have supported causes that are important to you – such as the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre.  People like you have helped ensure that we have been able to continue with the very critical role we play in the lives of abused children.

How can you continue to make a difference – now and in the future?
Just as you have given much thought to key decisions in your life, you will want to do the same when it comes to planning your charitable gifts and your estate. Legacy giving is a gift for the future. You can make a major planned gift during your lifetime, or you can plan to leave a bequest in your will. 

This may be your greatest opportunity to make a difference in a way that matters most to you.

planned giving

Ways you can make a legacy gift

Planning a gift for the future ensures your wishes will be followed and will help a cause that is close to your heart, namely contributing to the emotional welfare of children and youth who have experienced abuse. It is about intention and not about the amount of your gift. Every gift is important, and many small gifts make the difference.

Your planned giving dollars can be contributed through several avenues, and we have an expert team to help you understand how your gift can sustain the Centre today and into the future. This fund helps us serve over 300 children, youth, and their families annually through specialized child abuse investigation services, one to one therapy and social support programs as well as many others through our school-based education and community awareness programs. 

Charitable giving is based on individual interests and priorities. Canadian tax laws have been designed to support philanthropic giving. It is up to the donor, and in some cases their family, to decide which gift meets their own interests. There are many ways to leave your own legacy.

Present Gifts

Gifts of Cash

Cash is the simplest and most common form of gift. You will receive a tax receipt for the face amount of the gift.

Donate Now

Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to contribute, as you pay no capital gains tax as well as receiving a tax receipt for the full market value of the donation. You will receive a donation receipt for fair market value on the date of the gift and will not be taxed on the gain. This is far more tax efficient than selling the stock, paying the capital gains tax, and donating the proceeds. 

donate securities

Gift of a Life Insurance Policy

In the case of an existing policy, ownership can be transferred to the Kristen French CACN. If the policy is purchased with the express purpose of making a gift, Kristen French CACN may be named as owner at the time of purchase. You receive a charitable receipt for the value of the policy and for each premium paid after the donation is made. This may allow you to leave a far greater gift leading to a greater impact.

Deferred Gifts

It is possible to have a lasting impact upon the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre even after you are gone.

Charitable Bequest – You can make a gift in your will

Talk to your lawyer about revising your will to include appropriate wording which will recognize Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre. Contact us to let us know, and we can acknowledge your generosity in our publications, or you may choose to remain anonymous.  A donation receipt for the amount of cash or the fair market value of the property will be issued. This may result in a charitable tax credit on your final income tax return.

Gift of Life Insurance Proceeds

You can name Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre as one of the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy

A donation receipt is issued to your estate for any death proceeds received by Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre. This receipt results in a tax credit on the final tax return which can shelter the tax on appreciation of other assets deemed disposed of at death. You retain the right to name a different beneficiary if you change your mind. 

Gift of RRSP Funds

You can name Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF upon your death

Gifts made in the year of death are creditable up to 100 percent of net income on the terminal return as well as the year prior. You retain full access to retirement funds during your lifetime. The donation tax credit offsets the tax on the distribution and entire amount passes to Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre tax free, whereas if the amount is left to your heirs they may receive as little as 51% of the balance after taxes.

For information on how taxes will apply in your situation, please consult your accountant


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