Sponsor a Program or Service

The Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre provides programs and services to support children and youth suffering from the debilitating effects of abuse, neglect or witness to violence. By removing barriers to participation such as providing transportation or offering programs at a low cost or no cost, the Centre is helping to ensure that kids who need help; get help.

But we can’t do it alone.

That’s why the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre partners with like-minded organizations, businesses and other charities and not-for-profits to further our reach by helping expand programs where needed, and sustain existing programs where required. If you’re interested in partnering with the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre as a program or service sponsor, we would invite you to contact us to discuss where your donation will have the most impact.

Opportunities to support targeted initiatives can include

  1. Social Support Programs such as music and art therapy
  2. Play Therapy
  3. One to One Counselling
  4. Community Outreach & Education
  5. Youth Leadership Programs
  6. Transportation
  7. Mentoring

To learn more about how you can donate to support a program or service, please contact us at 905-937-5435 or e-mail us at giving@kristenfrenchcacn.org

sponsor a program

Sponsor an Event

Through the support of our generous donors, along with the collaborative support of our community partners, the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre is proud to host a number of special events throughout the year designed to increase community engagement, raise awareness for our cause, and secure much-needed funds.

Our event sponsors provide a critical source of funding where companies, nonprofits, and small businesses give a certain amount of cash or incentives in exchange for both visibility and brand awareness at an event.  This enables the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre to cover the costs of an event so that all monies raised can go directly to support much needed programs and services.

Types of sponsors can include:

  • Media Sponsorships
  • Cash Donations
  • In-Kind Sponsorships
  • Promotional Sponsorships

All sponsors, regardless of type receive recognition at the event and throughout the year.  For more information regarding specific events, sponsorship levels, and the benefits and recognition associated with each level, please contact us at 905-937-5435 or e-mail us at giving@kristenfrenchcacn.org


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