Child abuse is a sad reality that can happen in any community, to any family.

Children and youth of all ages experience abuse in the Niagara Region. It transcends all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life.

Niagara Regional Police Service reports that at least one case of sexual or physical assault on children or youth is investigated each day in our region.

Since opening in 2008, over 4,000 children & youth have found a place to disclose abuse at our Centre.

Incidents of child abuse and neglect in Niagara and across Canada put too many futures at risk and represents one of the most serious social health concerns of our community.  Without help and support, the long-term impacts of abuse can be devastating.

That’s why the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre exists: to bring kids and families together in a in a safe and secure environment when they can find support, comfort, and the opportunity to heal from traumatic childhood events.


In Canada…

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before they are 18. Annually, children and youth of all ages experience abuse in the Niagara Region.

Nationally over 60,000 children and youth are victims of violence with sexual offences against children occurring at rate of five times higher than that recorded for adults 18 years and older in Canada

The majority of violence against children and youth are committed by someone known to the victim (52% are acquaintances or friends, 29% are family members, ONLY 19% are strangers)

4 in 10 children and youth to have been abused by a family member

33% of children and youth abused by a family member have been sexually abused

67% of children and youth abused by a family member have been physically abused

Sexual abuse committed by family members is four times higher for girls than boys

A child who suffers abuse may become violent, do poorly in school (they’re 30% less likely to graduate from high school) and pull away from friends

A youth may run away from home, struggle with addiction, take part in criminal activity, become homeless (they’re 26x more likely to be homeless), attempt suicide or even become an abuser

Source: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics. (2013). Family violence in Canada: a statistical profile. (Catalogue No. 85-002-X). Ottawa, ON: Statistics Canada.

At the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre, we help victims become children again.

At the Centre, we transform lives by providing a safe and supportive environment where children and youth can speak about their experiences to professionals, heal from adverse childhood experiences and build resilience so they can overcome the debilitating effects of childhood trauma and realize their potential.

Working collaboratively with the Niagara Regional Police Service, Family and Children’s Services Niagara, and Family Counselling Centre Niagara, the Centre is a charitable, community supported organization that serves Niagara’s 12 municipalities helping children, youth and families cope with the life altering impact of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or of being an unwilling witness to violence.

We can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Every year, donors like you help the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre provide services and supports to aid investigations, deliver one to one counselling and social support programs and fulfill our mission to serve children and families in the Niagara Region who have been impacted by child abuse.

As a successful community charity for more than a decade, we rely on generous donations by individuals, businesses, and community partners to help us ensure all our programs and services are free for everyone.  With your help, we can remain open to all and ensure that everyone who needs help, gets help.

By making a donation large or small, you can join hundreds of Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre supporters, who believe in creating opportunities for a better life for children and youth.  Everyone has a role to play, and every gift makes a difference.

Your ongoing gift of:

$25 gives a child the opportunity to attend therapeutic after school programs, delivering experiences that build self-esteem and resilience.

$50 helps remove barriers to participation by offsetting transportation costs for children and youth accessing Centre programs.

$75 supports education and awareness programs in local schools helping youth and teens avoid abusive situations, internet luring and human trafficking.

$100 provides a youth with professional one-on-one counselling, helping them heal from the traumatic effects of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

$200 gives a child the opportunity to attend Niagara’s first trauma informed day camp, Camp Acorn, to form connections, build resillience, and learn to cope with the adverse effects of childhood trauma.

Make your donation today.

As a registered charitable organization, the Kristen French CACN operates without any core government funding and needs your help to continue providing the necessary support Niagara’s children, youth & their families need as they cope with the life altering impacts of child abuse. Your support also provides much needed education and awareness to help prevent other children from becoming victims of abuse.

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