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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

Kristen’s Helpers

Give Niagara’s Children & Youth A Safe Place This Holiday Season When You Support The Kristen’s Helper Campaign

Instead of exchanging gifts this year, give the gift of helping those in need. Become a Kristen’s Helper and donate to The Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara in honour of your co-workers, friends and family. Make a difference in our community this holiday season.

When you give children & youth the gift of a Safe Place you provide:

  • ❤ A non-threatening, child-friendly place where children and youth feel safe disclosing their abuse experience
  • ❤ Minimize the number of times children must repeat their experience
  • ❤ Provide a coordinated partners’ response that significantly reduces the trauma associated with disclosing abuse
  • ❤ Valuable Programs & Services
  • ❤ Education & Awareness
  • ❤ Prevent other children from becoming victims of abuse
  • ❤ Your continued support will provide much needed and important services to Niagara’s most vulnerable children

Give Niagara’s Children & Youth a Safe Place, Donate Today

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