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Cause Related
Marketing Ideas

Top Cause Related Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

At Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara, we believe the best cause related marketing campaigns are chosen carefully to reflect a company’s consumers, employees and executives. Beyond revenue, cause marketing has become an authoritative way for companies to send a message to their employees and external audience. Here we will validate the Top 10 marketing campaigns for local businesses, to help you make the best choice for your company.

Charity Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments in the Niagara Region are a great way to get customers and employees active in fundraising. Along with donating to charity, a Golf Tournament is a fun activity that will encourage more people to get involved. Niagara Region boasts nearly 40 Golf Courses for you to choose from.[1]

Winery Tours

The Niagara Region is rich in Wineries, with over 50 to discover.[2] A Wine tour is an excellent way to get employees and customers excited about local businesses. While signing up for charity, you could stumble upon your next favourite bottle.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks appeal to everyone and are easy to access. Rent a food truck for a day, or a couple hours, having some of the proceeds going to charity. Everyone loves to eat and contributing to charity.

Poker Runs

Poker runs are great when you want to include more than one local business. Partnering multiple companies can benefit everyone involved. A fun light competition to bring out customers looking for something a little different.


Raffles are an easy way to drum up interest, and raffles are an easy project to take on, with relatively little work needed. By raffling larger prizes many get involved for their chance to win. Donations are a fantastic way to provide prizes.

Celebrity Chef Dinners

Food is a language we all speak, and celebrity chef dinners are there to let people try new things. Selling tables for celebrity chef dinners bring everyone together for a great meal, and to support a charitable cause.

Local Concerts

Supporting local music is always a great venture for the community, and a great way to showcase local talent. Musicians can be brought on board and bring their fan base with them. A night of entertainment can be accessible to everyone as easily as buying a ticket, with all proceeds supporting a charity.

Portion of Sales

Portion of sales programs are great if you’re looking for a campaign that doesn’t require an event. This can be a simple as a portion of the sale of one product or many products being donated. This works because studies have shown that 95% of Canadians companies supporting charities are a good idea.[3]


Marathons and other events such as walks have seen great success in the past, charity challenges across Canada are increasingly popular.[4] These events encourage participants to fundraise and get their friends involved. Runs and walks can provide a rewarding day on many fronts.

Matching Contributions from Employees

When a company matches donation contributions, consumers listen. When an employee donates, the company matches their donation, causing it to double. Some of Canada’s leading companies use this model, including the Bank of Montreal, and Sunlife Financial.[5]

Gift Wrapping

When the holidays come around gift wrappers volunteer their time to wrap gifts, for a donation. All proceeds are donated to charity. This is a great way to give back, and consumers receive a service in their action. These stands can also sell other holiday goodies for charity as well.

Guest Speakers

Local celebrities, politicians, motivational speakers, there are many options to have guest speakers appear. Drumming up interest in guest speakers will sell tickets to the event and also have proceeds going to charity.

Fitness Challenges

Athletes can either have sponsors or pay an admission to participate, all proceeds going to charity.

Trivia Tournaments

Trivia is a great way to have friendly competition. Teams can buy into the tournament with all or a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Hand on an item

This kind of competition involves a larger item like a car or a television. Anyone can buy a ticket, and only a few will compete. Everyone who is drawn to compete stands with their hand on an item and the last person to remove their hand wins the item.


Many people like to compete, and bowling until you drop can be a fun competition. Participants must obtain sponsors for a team or individual for a one-time event. All the sponsor money is donated. The winner gets bragging rights or a prize.

Scavenger Hunts

Getting the kids involved is always great for families. Participants pay a fee for a fun day out with the kids completing a series of tasks.

Karaoke Night

For those who don’t participate in karaoke on a regular basis, this is a fun change. Participants can pay a cover charge to attend, and drink tickets. All proceeds can go to charity. Karaoke nights can be extremely low cost. Many time’s requiring as little as a microphone and an internet connection.

Easter Egg Hunts

Getting the kids involved around holidays is always a treat. Families can donate to participate in an Easter egg hunt, all proceeds going to charity.

Wine & Cheese Nights

Wine and Cheese nights are great for networking or just a night out of the house. Drink tickets and admission can have all proceeds going to charity.

Do you have your own idea?

Wonderful! Contact us to get started today.

Whether you’re looking to run a one-time, or annual event, or perhaps a company wide project there are many options for your cause related marketing campaign. The Niagara Region has so much to offer, making it a great place for cause marketing projects. Help your community with uniquely Niagara projects, and begin your company’s cause marketing campaign.

For more information please contact Brian Bratt at (905) 937-5435 or email

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