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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

Teen Connect

Kristen French CACN’s Teen Connect Program is a child abuse & internet luring education & awareness presentation delivered to students across Niagara in grades 7-10. Presented by the Kristen French CACN’s Program Coordinator.

A video and interactive discussion educated youth on the following topics:

  • Physical, Sexual & Emotional abuse
  • Dangers of Social Media, Internet Luring & Sexting
  • Bullying from an unwilling witness to violence perspective
  • Human Trafficking (grade 9 & 10)

The goal of the program is to discuss and dispel myths surrounding disclosure, and to inform youth of the caring support services available to help them, or someone they know, who may be experiencing abuse within Niagara.

For more information please contact our Program Coordinator at 905-937-5435 x7024 or email:

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