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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

get Creative

Thursday May 5 to June 23, 2022

6:00 to 8:00pm

A free, 8 week, artist-lead, two hour education & abuse prevention group for youth ages 12 to 15, who have completed their investigative process with Family and Children’s Services Niagara and/or Niagara Regional Police Service. This program, with the support from the Family Counselling Centre Niagara is jointly managed by our Youth Outreach Coordinator.

Youth will focus on using creativity as a vehicle to enhance their resilience in response to their experiences of child abuse/trauma. They will explore the power of creative self-expression through an array of art modalities and have opportunities to create new friendships, develop a better sense of self-compassion, and sense of agency and self-esteem.

This group focuses on using creativity as a vehicle to further recovery from the impacts of child abuse, and is intended to help youth better understand themselves & learn the power of creative self-expression. It is NOT intended to replace therapeutic practices.

Participants will cover the following topics:

  • defining & effects of abuse
  • managing emotions
  • risky behaviour
  • understanding the self & self-care coping strategies
  • grief
  • impact of social media
  • family and friend challenges
  • empowerment and confidence
  • recovery and resiliency

Location: 8 Forster St. St. Catharines ON

Register today!

To sign up or learn more, contact our Program Coordinator at 905-937-5435 x7024 or email today!


“What the creative group has done for me was provide me with a night every week to look forward to. I met a new (good) friend, and heard the voices of many other people that have experienced similar things as me. I’ve discovered how to cope with my feelings through creative outlets that have helped me as well.” – Hailey Hicks, 2017

“This group gave these individuals the ability to use their voices, gain a sense of power over their choices and to recognize that their voices are a powerful tool. One of the biggest changes I saw was their self-esteem and self-confidence were boosted tremendously from participating in this creative group, as well as their increase in peer interaction.” Janice, FCC Family Therapist

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