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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

Strategic Directions

Our Mission

To serve children and families in the Niagara Region who have been impacted by child abuse.

Our Vision

To engage the community in a child abuse prevention, awareness, and response strategy.

Our Expected Outcomes

  • Timely access to child abuse prevention resources for all children and families
  • Enhanced regional awareness of the importance of keeping Niagara’s children safe from harm
  • Excellence in Child Abuse Investigation and response for Niagara’s children and their families

KFCACN Strategic Plan

Promote Child Abuse Prevention

  • Develop collaborative programs and resources to fill regional service gaps.
  • Increase the use of social media as our primary communication mode.
  • Develop a collaborative website with common interest partners on child abuse prevention, awareness, and response

Target Awareness Efforts

  • Promote the Kristen French CACN as more than an investigation-hosting site.
  • Work to define and lead as an establishment of evidence-based practice across Canada.
  • Engage in research on resiliency and trauma-informed practice.

Enhance Partnership Response

  • Enhance collaboration with Partners to improve supports and follow up.
  • Develop partnerships with diverse communities in the Niagara Region.
  • Explore risks/benefits of a virtual/mobile CAC model in the Niagara Region.

Build Operational Capacity

  • Align budget forecast with a 3 year strategic plan.
  • Leverage existing and cultivate new corporate, community, and collaborative agency funding sources.
  • Operationalize new Volunteer Program through job description development and recruitment on social media.
  • Develop and enact staff succession planning.

Our Plan of Action


Champion Leading Practices

  • Define and establish CAC’s evidence-based practice across Canada.
  • Evaluate Kristen French CACN against standards and modify Kristen French CACN actions to meet the standards.
  • Define Kristen French CACN as more than just a safe place for hosting investigations.
  • Develop a regional framework for programming, fundraising and volunteering.
  • Research a virtual/mobile model for Niagara.
  • Broaden our Research Initiatives (e.g. Resiliency and trauma informed practice)

Fundraise for Critical Services

  • Create a 3 Year budget forecast.
  • Leverage new funding sources.
  • Collaborate with Niagara agencies on grant writing and events for fundraising.
  • Cultivate our regular door relationships.
  • Attain a signed Use of Site Agreement with funding from NRP.

Promote our Role of Child Abuse Prevention, Awareness and Response

  • Develop partnerships and services with diverse communities in Niagara to promote our role (e.g. indigenous, francophone, corrections, newcomers, youth, communities).
  • Sign and enact protocol with Partners on Post Investigation with FA as a neutral role.
  • Develop collaborative Programming and Resources (grants, partnerships) to fill regional service gaps.
  • Increase the use of Social Media.
  • Develop website with common interest partners.

Increase Organizational Capacity

  • Operationalize new Volunteers Program
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