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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

Our Core &

Our Core Partners

Under the umbrella of the Kristen French CACN, the Centre’s three partner organizations streamline and integrate services creating a one-stop, child-focused facility for children and their families. Niagara Regional Police Service and Family and Children’s Services Niagara conduct forensic child abuse investigations on site. Counselling is offered through the Family Counselling Centre Niagara at no cost and without a waiting list. Together with the programs provided by the Kristen French CACN through our Teen Connect program, children and youth who have been physically abused, sexually abused, become the targets of internet luring, or witnessed violence can disclose their experience to professional investigators and receive caring, cooperative support in one location.

Family and Children’s Services Niagara

Family and Children's Services NiagaraFamily and Children’s Services Niagara is your local Children’s Aid Society, serving Niagara since 1898. Mandated by the Child and Family Services Act to investigate the abuse and neglect of children and to provide protection, foster care and adoption services, FACS offers a wide range of programs to prevent and treat the problems of abuse and neglect and to support the children, youth and families of our community.

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Niagara Regional Police ServiceNiagara Regional Police Service

The Child Abuse Unit is responsible for investigating all incidents of child sexual abuse or child physical abuse occurring in the Niagara Region.

The Child Abuse Unit (CAU) is a centralized unit that services the entire Region of Niagara. The CAU works closely with Family and Children’s Services Niagara and the Child Advocacy Centre of Niagara.

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Family Counselling Centre Niagara

Family Counselling Centre NiagaraFamily Counselling Centre Niagara offers counselling services to individuals, couples and families at several locations in the Niagara region. The Centre employs qualified, experienced counsellors with the expertise to address personal, relationship and other troubling issues like depression, anger, stress, grief, parenting, trauma, or violence. FCC provides confidential counselling services and are fully accredited by Family Service Ontario.

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Our Collaborative Partners

Partners to End Child Abuse Niagara

Partners to End Child Abuse in NiagaraOur 2016-2018 Strategic Plan calls for increased collaboration in inter-agency programming and funding, including developing partnerships with diverse communities across the Niagara Region. In 2016 eight different but similarly-focused Niagara agencies came together to create PECAN (Partners to End Child Abuse Niagara) who developed a comprehensive and collaborative website focused on child abuse awareness, prevention and response.

Partners to End Child Abuse in Niagara is a group of local agencies that want to make it easier for people to find help in addressing potential or actual instances of child abuse. Perhaps you are a caregiver, educator, coach or support worker who may suspect the possibility of child abuse. Or perhaps you are trying to help a victim receive the support they need to move forward. This website is a convenient hub to search and connect you with the right program or provider offered in the Niagara community, for all situations.  We hope to connect you with child abuse programs in Niagara for help in increasing awareness, a strategy for prevention, or a pathway to recovery for a traumatized child.

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Foster Festival

Foster festivalThe Foster Festival is the very first theatre festival in Canada celebrating the work of a living Canadian playwright. Norm Foster comedies have been staged around the world for over two decades.

The company at Foster Festival is deeply committed to Mayor Sendzik’s compassionate city initiative and collaborates on youth creative expression programming with us.

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